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Hello! Thank you all for the interest in getting tattooed! I generally book 3 months of appointments at a time and openings fill quickly. To make an appointment please fill out the form below to get the booking process started, if it’s a project I can take on my assistant will follow up and get you scheduled for an in person consult. Please be patient when waiting for a response, if your request comes while I am fully booked for the 3 month period you’ll receive a reply near the end of the period once I have new openings available. Please take the time to fully read the FAQ at the bottom of the page, it will answer many of the common questions people have-


How do I make an appointment?

I’ve moved to a quarterly booking system to help shorten the wait time from 6-8 months back down to about 3 months. I review and reply to the appointment requests at the end of each quarter and book appointments for the following quarter until all the slots are filled. Follow @the_lonesome_wolf on Instagram to see current info regarding books open dates. Fill out the form above to get the booking process started, if it’s a project I can take on my assistant will follow up once the next booking period begins and get you scheduled for an in person consult.

How much will my tattoo cost?

The rate for custom work designed at the clients request is $200 an hour with a 1 hour minimum.  I only charge for actual time spent tattooing- I do not charge for drawing time, set up time, or break time. The amount of time a tattoo will take can vary widely depending on the person, placement, size, and detail of the piece. Every design is different, everyone’s skin is different, and the clients ability to sit comfortably plays a large role in how long it will take. I do in person consults for all custom work, once we discuss your tattoo at the consult I can give you a rough estimate of the time involved with your design.

Do you have flash designs or drawings to choose from?

Yes, I have a large number of original designs and drawings to choose from, and booking preference is given to those wanting to pick a pre-drawn design.

Do you take walk-ins?

My appointments are always given priority for the day, but I do occasionally do walk in days for designs from my flash and drawings only, no custom work. Custom work is done by appointment only. Walk in days are always posted on Instagram @the_lonesome_wolf

What if I live out of town/state and can’t come to the shop for a consult?

I’m always appreciative of people willing to travel to get tattooed, and I do my best to work it all out for you. When contacting please be as descriptive as possible about what you’d like to do regarding the design, details, size and placement.  We will find a day that works for the appointment so you can make travel plans. It’s great if you can stop by after arrival for a quick consult a day or two prior to the tattoo, but if this is not possible then I will do the drawing once you arrive for the appointment and we can go over it in person.

We have already started my tattoo, when will it be finished?

I like to work through every project as quickly as healing between sessions and both of our schedules permit. If you have started a tattoo with me then you should already be booked for the next session- if you are not booked, have previously rescheduled or if you are unsure when your next appointment is then please let me know!

Do I need to make a deposit?

Deposits are required to confirm all appointments. There is a $100 deposit for all tattoos taking less than half a day, and a $200 deposit for full day or multiple session work. Deposits can be made at the consult or via paypal if you are out of town and booking via email- you will be given this info at time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable, but I do allow 2 reschedules as long as you give me 72 hours notice prior to your original appointment date. No Shows, failure to give 72 hours notice or more than 2 reschedules will forfeit the deposit. You may book a new appointment if this happens but please understand that you will need to put down another deposit.

I have an appointment set and have made my deposit. When will I see my drawing?

I do not send out any drawings before the appointment. Due to the amount of people I have waiting for custom work I simply can not send out drawings ahead of time. I work through each persons artwork in order of appointment, I usually prepare the drawing the night before and morning of your appointment. We will review the artwork together and any changes you’d like to make or I feel necessary to make it fit better/look better will be made at the appointment prior to starting the tattoo.

Do you do cover ups? Do they cost more? 

I will do cover ups on a case by case basis, it depends on what we are covering and what you are willing to cover it with. Please be aware cover ups are generally considerably larger than the original tattoo you are covering. My hourly rate is the same for cover up work but they do often take longer or require multiple sessions resulting in a higher cost than a fresh tattoo on clean skin.

Do you ever travel/do guest spots?  

Yes, any time there are travel dates they will be posted on my Instagram @the_lonesome_wolf. It’s the best place to check for any current or upcoming events.

A few last notes about the work I do (and don’t do)

I do appreciate every single person that contacts me to get tattooed, however some ideas are not the right fit for me and I simply get more requests than I can actually take on. I’m currently booking for Fine Line Black and Grey work in a variety of subject matter as well as All black American Traditional style.

At the moment I am not taking on any projects in color ( this includes black and grey work with a “hint” of color, i.e. animals with colored eyes or subtly colored florals)

I do love making botanical and nature inspired tattoos, but my focus is on singular subject matters and complementary pairings. The most beautiful tattoo you can get is also most often the simplest idea- many of the requests I get ask for too much, too small, to make a detailed and long lasting tattoo. This often applies to “birthday” bouquets and other flower bouquets containing a long list of “must have” flowers chosen for sentimental reasons, and also to the inclusion of words, quotes and phrases with an image- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m no longer taking on any landscapes, wrap-around mountain / forest scenes, or full tree silhouette tattoos…these have been very trendy the last few years, I’ve done many, it’s something I can do, but not something I enjoy. The best tattoo you can get will always come from a tattooer who enjoys the work they are doing for you, and I’d recommend choosing an artist that specializes in and loves this type of work. I will however take on tattoos of individual tree branches given that they are large enough to focus on the detail and nuance of the species.

I am also not interested in reproducing any contemporary artworks or tattoo designs created by others. I will make exceptions for some images of classic fine art if it translates into a nice tattoo, but if you’re looking for an exact copy of something that you or a friend designed or images found on the web then there are plenty of great tattooers who can reproduce it, there’s really no need for you to wait on me to have it done.

Please do not send me pictures of other tattooers work and ask me to copy it. If you are drawn to a particular tattoo then that is the person you should be talking to. I do welcome any other photos or reference images that help to describe your idea, your own rough sketches of your idea, or pictures of my own work if it is a good example of what you are after in terms of design, size, or placement.

It’s never my goal to talk you out of a tattoo that you want or to shoot down your ideas, but it is my job to guide you to the best tattoo that I can make for you. If your ideas are not a good fit for me I’m happy to refer you to other artists who excel in the type of work you are looking for.

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